Civil Engineering


To impart quality education in the field of Civil Engineering to enable the students to become Civil Engineers, thereby contributing substantially in the overall developement of the nation.


To orient the Civil Engineering Department to involve in developement of new concepts and make it to reach greater heights and benefits the students.

About The Department

Department of Civil Engineering of GNDEC is one of the oldest branch, started in the year 1980. The department has been imparting quality education to meet the technological advancement and industrial requirements. This has been made possible due to qualified faculty, state of the art laboratories and good infstrucutre.

The total student intake at present is 120. Providing state of the art education in civil engineering guided by innovative research , inclussive of technology and managerial skills for industry and social needs for sustainable developement. In 2011 university examination, the department has secured 8th VTU rank.

List of Faculties for Civil Engineering

Sl. No. Name of Faculty Qualification Designation Contact Details Photo
1 Dr. Ashok Biradar M.E , Ph.D Principal
2 Dr. B.B. Kori (HOD) Ph.D Professor
3 Prof. Basavaraj Malipatil M.E Associate Professor
4 Prof. Mallikarjun Huggi M.Tech (Ph.D) Associate Professor
5 Prof. Prakash D. Patil M.Tech Assistant Professor +91-80-50-871825
6 Prof. Manohar Dixit M.Tech Assistant Professor
7 Prof. Ram Panth M.Tech Assistant Professor
8 Prof. Manik Deshmukh M.Sc Assistant Professor
9 Prof. Manojkumar M.Tech Assistant Professor
10 Prof. Sunilkumar Birkur M.Tech Assistant Professor
11 Prof. Ranjeeta M M.Tech Assistant Professor
12 Prof. Parashuram Lokre M.Tech Assistant Professor
13 Prof. Vishalkumar S.D M.E Assistant Professor
14 Prof. Umashankar Y M.Tech Assistant Professor
15 Prof. Vinodkrishna M. Savadi M.Tech Assistant Professor
16 Prof. Reshma S M.Tech Assistant Professor
17 Prof. Prakash A.N. M.Tech Assistant Professor
18 Prof. Sudharani K M.Tech Assistant Professor
19 Prof. Srinath H M.Tech Assistant Professor
20 Prof. Rajani M.Tech Assistant Professor

Our Staff

List of Supporting Staff for Civil Engineering

Sl. No. Name of Staff Experience Contact Details Photo
1 Mr. Rudramani 33years -
2 Mr. Shivaji.P. 33 years +91-94-81-634298
3 Mr. Chandrapal 6 years
4 Mr. S.Sarbjit Singh 21 years
5 Mr. Shivaji.T. 31 years +91-99-45-836554
6 Mr. Yadav Rao 25 years +91-89-71-046618
7 Mr. Shaliwan 8 years +91-92-42-143283
8 Mr. M.A.Akheel 8 years


List of Laboratories of Civil Engineering Department

Sl. No. Name of Lab
1 Computer / CAD Lab
2 Survey Lab
3 Enivironmental Engineering Lab
4 Fluid Mechanics Lab
5 Geotechnical Engineering Lab
6 Material Testing Lab
7 Concrete Highway Material Testing Lab
8 Applied Engineering Geology Lab
9 Model, Drawing and Drafting Section

Contact Us

Dr. B.B Kori
Professor and Head of the Department
Department of Civil Engineering
Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Bidar - 585401