Computer Science And Engineering


To mould students to meet the growing requirements of IT field


To be in the forefront of Computer Science and Information Technology

About The Department

In todays's world where computers play a lead role, students need to benefit from a thorough understanding of their capabilities. Established in 1985-86, today the Department has come a long way. State-of-the-art machines spread over all the Labs and a host of servers and and nodes, comprise the equipment. Highly qualified faculty members who blend thoery and practice ensure that students are given the right balance in their curriculum.

The department also has a well-stocked library with wide range of books, journals, a multimedia projector and internet connectivity. The Students of this Department have performed at national and international events and found gainful employment in top corporates around the world, a testimony to the quality education provided by this Department.

List of Faculties for Computer Science and Engineering

Sl. No. Name of Faculty Qualification Designation Contact Details Photo
1 Prof. Ramesh Patil (HOD) M.Tech. (Ph.D) Associate Professor
2 Dr. Dhananjay D.Maktedar Ph.D Professor
3 Dr. Dayanand Jamkhandikar Ph.D Professor
4 Prof. Rajshekhar Gaithond M.Tech Associate Professor
5 Prof. Gouri Patil M.Tech (Ph.D) Assistant Professor
6 Prof. Suresh Chimkode M.Tech (Ph.D) Assistant Professor
7 Prof. Anil Kulkarni M.Tech Assistant Professor
8 Prof. Asha.S M.Tech(Ph.D) Assistant Professor
9 Prof. Steven Raj.N M.Tech Assistant Professor
10 Prof. Masrath Begum M.Tech(Ph.D) Assistant Professor
11 Prof. Ramya.S.Pure M.Tech Assistant Professor
12 Prof. Durgesh Shastri M.Tech Assistant Professor
13 Prof. V.S. Padmini M.Tech Assistant Professor
14 Prof. Mahesh Hundekar A.M.J.E , M.Tech Assistant Professor
15 Prof. Giriraj Patil M.Tech Assistant Professor
16 Prof. Guruprasad.K M.Tech Assistant Professor
17 Prof. Bhavana.B M.Tech Assistant Professor
18 Prof. Amit Kumar M.Tech Assistant Professor
19 Prof. Ambresh Kaneri M.Tech Assistant Professor
20 Prof. Gururaj.S M.Tech Assistant Professor
21 Prof. Rahul Kulkarni M.Tech Assistant Professor
22 Mr. Manikrao Mulge M.Tech Assistant Professor 20 years

Our Supporting Staff

List of Supporting Staff for Computer Science and Engineering

Sl. No. Name of Staff Experience Contact Details Photo
1 Mr. Shivanand Huslure 7 years
2 Mr. Gangappa Hugar 1 years
3 Mrs. Girija Kulkarni 15 years
4 Mr. Chandrashekhar Mashetty 9 years
5 Mr. Amarjeet Singh 12 years
6 Mr. Santosh Borge 7 years
7 Mr. Madappa Kaknale 36 years +91-72-04-850697
8 Mr. Shivraj Zulpe 26 years +91-93-42-316370
9 Mrs. Bharati 7 years +91-88-67-102998
10 Mr. Mahboob Pasha 6 years +91-95-91-068258
11 Mr. Khaja Shaik Aleem 21 years +91-99-45-706041


List of Laboratories of Computer Science and Engineering Department

Sl. No. Name of Lab
1 PG / R and D Lab
2 DSC / OOPS Lab
3 Operating System/Network Lab
4 DBMS Lab
5 System Programming Lab
6 Internet Programming Lab
7 Analog Digital Electronics Lab
8 Microprocessor Lab

Contact Us

Prof. Ramesh Patil
Associate Professor and Head of the Department
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Bidar - 585401