Electronics and Communication Engineering


To mould the youth of today into engineers who can meet the technological challenges of tomorrow.


To provide quality technical education embedded with moral and ethical values, for anticipating and satisfying fast changing requirement of industry.

About The Department

Electronics and Communication Branch started in the year 1982. The department has every possible facility to make students familiar with the nuances of technology Communication devices, network devices, software tools, microprocessors, micro-controller, embedded systems and DSP kits etc. The performanace of the students, has been exemplary.
  • In 2003, students have won the 2nd prize in both State and National level project competitions.
  • In 2003, 1st, 2nd and 4th regional VTU ranks have been secured, with 100% result.
An active association fosters better understanding for changing trends and shifting perceptions. Students of this department have found exciting careers in multinational, defence organisations and key industries.

List of Faculties for Electronics and Communication Engineering

Sl. No. Name of Faculty Qualification Designation Contact Details Photo
1 Dr. Ravindra Eklarker (HOD) Ph.D, LMIETE Professor reklarker@gmail.com
2 Prof. S.M.Joshi M.Tech Professor shrinivasjoshi999@gmail.com
3 Dr. Mohammed Bakhar Ph.D Professor mohammed.bakhar@gmail.com
4 Dr. Anuradha M.Sandhi Ph.D Associate Professor anu29975@gmail.com
5 Prof. Rajendra Kulakrni M.Tech (M.S) Assistant Professor rajendrakulkarni.ec@gmail.com
6 Dr. Kishan Singh Ph.D Associate Professor kishanskrish@gmail.com
7 Prof. Premala Patil M.Tech (Ph.D) Assistant Professor kashipremala@gmail.com
8 Prof. Namratha M.Tech Assistant Professor namratha.nst@gmail.com
9 Prof. Savita Soma M.Tech(Ph.D) Assistant Professor savita.soma@gmail.com
10 Prof. Nitin Kulakrni M.Tech Assistant Professor nitinvk308@gmail.com
11 Prof. Shilpa Biradar M.Tech Assistant Professor biradar.shilpa8@gmail.com
12 Prof. Santosh Yadav M.Tech (Ph.D) Assistant Professor yadav_eee@yahoo@gmail.com
13 Prof. Veerendra D M.Tech (Ph.D) Assistant Professor veerendra.gndec@gmail.com
14 Prof. Shravan Kumar M.Tech Assistant Professor kmrshravan@gmail.com
15 Prof. Pavan Mankal M.Tech Assistant Professor pavanmankal2010@gmail.com
16 Prof. T. Priya M.Tech Assistant Professor priya85.tiger@yahoo.com
17 Prof. Pradeep M.Tech Assistant Professor pradeepkaranje2012@gmail.com
18 Prof. Channaveer Patil M.Tech Assistant Professor channaveer.patil@gmail.com
19 Prof. Harish Joshi M.Tech Assistant Professor harishjoshi@outlook.in
20 Prof. S.A. Mubeena M.Tech Assistant Professor techiemub@gmail.com
21 Prof. Soni Mankari M.Tech Assistant Professor mankarisoni308@gmail.com
22 Prof. Harika.S.Kallur M.Tech Assistant Professor gharry218@gmail.com

Our Supporting Staff

List of Supporting Staff for Electronics and Communication Engineering

Sl. No. Name of Staff Experience Contact Details Photo
1 Mr. Shivakumar A 28 years shivakumarakkunna24081964@gmail.com
2 Mrs. Mayuri Nidebane 6.5 years rnmayuri08@gmail.com
3 Mrs. Poornima K 13 years kpoornima28@gmail.com
4 Mrs. Reshma C 8 years 2 Months reddy.reshma05@gmail.com
5 Mr. Manpreet Singh 8 years 1 Month rinks266@gmail.com
6 Mr. S.Teginder 1 years
7 Mrs. Manik Rootandle 23 years +91-91-41-566774
8 Mr. Srinivas Tandle 8 years +91-92-43-989602
9 Mr. Ayub Ali 15 years +91-93-43-031755


List of Laboratories of Electronics and Communication Engineering Department

Sl. No. Name of Lab
1 Analog Communication Lab + LIC Lab
2 Microprocessor Lab
3 VLSI / HDL Lab
4 Power Electronics Lab
5 Analog Electronics Lab
6 Microcontrollers Lab
7 DSP Lab
8 Logic Design Lab

Contact Us

Dr. Ravindra Eklarker
Associate Professor and Head of the Department
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Bidar - 585401

Email: ecehod@gndecb.org