Mechanical Engineering


To contribute to the developement of scoiety in general and developement of Mechanical Engineering in specific aiming at one's satisfaction, safety and pollution norms by providing technical knowledge, integrating and utilizing the technical resources.


To keep pace with fast developing Machine industry, to be globally competitive, eco-friendly, aimingto maintain product quantity and socio-economic environment while planning to develop Mechanical Engineering Department.

About The Department

Mechanical Engg. branch started in the year 1980 is actively involved in number of reasearch projects sponsored by AICTE, New Delhi and KSCST, Banglore. Experienced faculties guide students through an optimally balanced medium of instruction supplemented by a wide range of facilities.

The alumni from this department hold responsible positions in the variety of industries in India and abroad.

List of Faculties for Mechanical EngineeringEngineering

Sl. No. Name of Faculty Qualification Designation Contact Details Photo
1 Dr. Dhanoranjan Choudhary (HOD) M.Tech , Ph.D Professor
2 Prof. Prasad K.K M.Tech (Ph.D) Professor
3 Dr. Nandkishore Ph.D Associate Professor
4 Dr. Sanjay Patil Ph.D Professor
5 Dr. Anoopkumar Elia Ph.D Associate Professor
6 Prof. B. Ramreddy M.E (Ph.D) Associate Professor
7 Prof. Rajendra Mogre M.E Associate Professor
8 Prof. Shivashankar B.C. M.E Associate Professor
9 Prof. Chandrashekhar Patil M.Tech Assistant Professor
10 Prof. Shivraj Mokthrdav A.M.I.E(Mech) , M.Sc. Assistant Professor +91-98-44-464235
11 Dr. Nagraj R.G. Ph.D Assistant Professor
12 Prof. Sunil Kumar M.Tech (Ph.D) Assistant Professor
13 Prof. Gurusiddaraj K M.Tech Assistant Professor
14 Prof. Manoj Shendre M.Tech Assistant Professor
15 Prof. Sandeep M.B. M.Tech Assistant Professor
16 Prof. MD. Qalequr Rahaman M.Tech Assistant Professor
17 Prof. Aneel S. Jadhav M.Tech Assistant Professor
18 Prof. S. Hardeep Singh Sodi M.Sc (By Research) Assistant Professor
19 Prof. M. Vinodkumar M.Tech Assistant Professor
20 Prof. Digambar Benne M.Tech (Ph.D) Assistant Professor
21 Prof. Priyanka G M.Tech Assistant Professor
22 Prof. Gangadhar Biradar M.Tech Assistant Professor
23 Prof. Md. Ashfaq Hussain M.Tech Assistant Professor
24 Prof. Parmeshwar S. Patil M.Tech Assistant Professor
25 Prof. Siddaveer Sangamad M.Tech Assistant Professor
26 Prof. Sangamesh Sirsgi M.Tech (Ph.D) Assistant Professor

Our Supporting Staff

List of Supporting Staff for Mechanical EngineeringEngineering

Sl. No. Name of Staff Experience Contact Details Photo
1 Mr. Jaganath Khelge 32 years +91-97-43-928484
2 Mr. Chitradas Karbari 26 years
3 Mr. Appasab Panshetty 27 years +91-99-86-162156
4 Mr. Deepak Joshi 26 years +91-94-49-182147
5 Mr. Rajkumar B 29 years +91-97-40-475826
6 Mr. Deelip 22 years +91-77-95-174915
7 Mr. R. Simon 33 years +91-89-04-406674
8 Mr. Tukaram 23 years +91-95-90-943317
9 Mr. G.N. Premkumar 32 years +91-87-46-955360
10 Mr. Syed Abdul Hamza 12 years +91-92-42-876172
11 Mr. Veershetty Ninni 30 years +91-77-60-603108
12 Mr. Channappa Bhangure 25 years
13 Mr. S. Vikky Singh 6 years +91-81-47-163384
14 Mr. S. Sarabjeet Singh 5 years +91-90-19-371433
15 Mr. Kiran Hebbale 6 years
16 Mr. Ashok U. 26 years +91-98-80-187226
17 Mr. Basawaraj 13 years +91-94-49-423609
18 Mr. Anilkumar.B 7 years +91-97-31-435635


List of Laboratories of Mechanical Engineering Department

Sl. No. Name of Lab
1 Work Shop Practice Lab
2 Foundry and Forging Lab
3 Metallography and Material Testing Lab
4 Mechanical Measurement and Metrology Lab
5 Machine Shop
6 CAD / CAM and FMC Lab
7 Energy Conservation Engineering Lab
8 Heat Transfer Lab
9 Design Lab
10 CAED Lab

Contact Us

Dr. Dhanoranjan Choudhry
Professor and Head of the Department
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Bidar - 585401


About R & D Department

Mechanical Engineering Department of G.N.D.E.C.B established in 1980 with an intake of 60 in course and presently it is now 120. The department started P.G. course in Computer Integrated Manufacuturing (CIM) from the academic year 2010-11 and simeltaneously got permission for establishing R & D center from the V.T.U. Belgaum and recognosed by AICTE, New Delhi. Presently 13 research scholars are working for Ph.D. as well as M.Sc.(Engg) by research. One candidate already received Ph.D. degree and other received M.Sc.(Engg) by research from our R & D center.

We have established Composite Material Testing Laboratory where Researchers can Fabricate Composite Materials using handlayup technique and cure it in hot-air oven. The fabricated specimens can be subjected to testing of mechanical properties like Tensile, Flexural strength and Inter-Laminar Strength in Computerized universal testing machine of 10KN Capacity.

The lab will also help other research scholars who are working in composite material area through other research center of the country.

We also provide technical assistance for the development of UG/PG projects for the academics and Industries.


Dr. D.Choudhry, Head of the R & D center(Mech. Engg) received "Best case Study (Traditional Area) " award by Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering, On 16th Feb 2011, for the paper entitled "Application of split-plot design for optimization of hard-to-control and easy to control process parameters in tegrated steel plant" published in Industrial Engineering journal, Vol-II and issue No. 21, March 2011.